Cycling Ride Log 2011

DateBikeDistance (km)Av. Speed (km/h)Max Speed (km/h)RouteComments
01/01/2011Cotic Soul9.512.831.3HergottsbergFirst ride of the year. 0degC, Sunny, Snowy!
20/02/2011Droessiger QX29.016.338.3SW DA Loop (ccw)Test ride of the CX bike, plus geocaching
06/03/2011Droessiger QX35.417.841.5NE DA Loop / R8 / 13Grube Messel fossil pits, testing CX bike
13/03/2011Cotic Soul28.515.442.0Burg FrankensteinWanted to explore but had chain jam and would soon get dark
20/03/2011Droessiger QX35.320.140.3NE DA LoopNice sunny ride
22/04/2011Droessiger QX38.718.343.8Mühltal, SWDA LoopNice and sunny, also checked out part of RMV10
24/04/2011Cotic Soul23.818.040.8Mühltal, SWDA LoopSunny, outsprinted a thunderstorm later
25/04/2011Cotic Soul26.817.153.2Mühltal, SWDA LoopSunny ride
07/05/2011Droessiger QX43.020.042.9NE DA LoopNice sunny ride
25/04/2011Cotic Soul27.016.547.5Mühltal, SWDA LoopSunny ride
07/06/2011Cotic Soul25.218.145.6Mühltal, SWDA LoopSunny evening ride after work
12/06/2011Cotic Soul26.415.647.0Burg Frankenstein SingletrackSunny/Overcast ride
13/06/2011Cotic Soul27.414.544.0Burg Frankenstein SingletrackSunny/Overcast ride
24/06/2011Cotic Soul19.412.841.6Looking for SingletrackSun+Showers
26/06/2011Cotic Soul29.613.747.9Burg Frankenstein SingletrackSunny/Overcast ride
02/07/2011Cotic Soul33.113.449.0Burg Frankenstein SingletrackSunny/Overcast ride
03/07/2011Cotic Soul42.617.043.5NE DA LoopNice sunny ride
10/07/2011Droessiger QX24.219.043.0Mühltal, SWDA LoopPinch Flat on rear
10/07/2011Cotic Soul22.217.140.4Mühltal, SWDA Loop2nd ride of the day after F1GP. Raining.
23/07/2011Cotic Soul35.918.441.7NE DA LoopOvercast, cool, then raining.
07/08/2011Cotic Soul25.316.939.9Mühltal, SWDA LoopNew chain+cassette - test ride.
15/08/2011Cotic Soul37.45.7 35.0Scotland: Burma RoadSunny, then rainy (GPS data)
16/08/2011Cotic Soul18.03.9 12.0Scotland: Laggan WolftraxMostly grey and wet. Phil stacked it big time. (GPS data)
18/08/2011Cotic Soul20.49.0 33.7Scotland: InnerleithenComplete red loop. Phil broke mech hanger.
19/08/2011Cotic Soul21.810.231.9Scotland: GlentressFull Red Loop
20/08/2011Cotic Soul25.410.832.6Scotland: AeFull Red Loop
21/08/2011Cotic Soul26.411.037.2Scotland: KirroughtreeFull Red loop, then a bit of Blue loop
11/09/2011Cotic Soul23.117.942.1MühltalDodging thunderstorms. Successfully.
17/09/2011Cotic Soul31.013.446.9Burg FrankensteinWanted to explore more that way, but was getting dark in the forest
18/09/2011Droessiger QX35.019.835.7NE DA LoopCool, grey, overcast
24/09/2011Cotic Soul39.712.541.4Burg Frankenstein + TannenbergSunny all day and warmer than I expected!
25/09/2011Droessiger QX31.020.643.7SW DA LoopSunny, warm
30/09/2011Cotic Soul20.817.047.9MühltalNight Ride!
02/10/2011Cotic Soul29.414.449.0Burg FrankensteinSunny, warm
15/10/2011Cotic Soul25.017.844.7Mühltal, SWDA LoopSunny, cool
06/11/2011Droessiger QX34.917.237.3NE DA LoopSunny, fresh, very busy in the forest
12/11/2011Droessiger QX20.518.236.8MühltalOvercast, cold, needed longsleeves/fullfinger gloves
13/11/2011Cotic Soul32.114.443.3Burg Frankenstein + SWDA LoopSunny, hazy, cold
20/11/2011Droessiger QX21.020.043.6SW DA LoopCool, almost sunny
11/12/2011Cotic Soul23.214.439.9MühltalSunny, hazy, cold
Total =1124.4 km