Cycling Ride Log 2010

DateBikeDistance (km)Av. Speed (km/h)Max Speed (km/h)RouteComments
02/01/2010Cotic Soul20.215.935.4Mühltal LoopFirst ride of the year. 0degC, Sunny, Snowy!
07/03/2010Cotic Soul19.116.032.0Towards RossdorfSunny, Snowy, +1c, checking out some new singletrack
17/04/2010Cotic Soul22.817.144.8Mühltal LoopSunny, Warm
18/04/2010Cotic Soul28.918.940.0R8 and 13 out and backSunny, 21C
25/04/2010Cotic Soul23.218.846.5Mühltal LoopSunny, Warm, found 1 geocache
01/05/2010Cotic Soul30.220.936.7SW DA Loop + 19 to WeiterstadtCloudy, 15c
02/05/2010Cotic Soul24.518.640.6Mühltal+SW DA LoopCloudy, but not quite raining
09/05/2010Cotic Soul27.715.941.0Frankenstein, up Malchen route, down Blue BCloudy, 15c
13/05/2010Cotic Soul20.914.849.6Random paths and singletrackCloudy, but not quite raining
16/05/2010Cotic Soul26.515.043.3Frankenstein, up White Circle/Blue B, down Blue BSunny+Cloudy, 17c
22/05/2010Cotic Soul33.121.238.9NE DA LoopSunny, 23c
23/05/2010Cotic Soul32.114.754.9Luxembourg: Wormeldange VTT Tour #20Sunny, 27c
06/06/2010Cotic Soul9.815.035.3Random paths and singletrack29c, sunny, then thunderstorm came
27/06/2010Cotic Soul36.320.344.5NE DA LoopSunny, 29c
11/07/2010Cotic Soul26.418.040.0Mühltal+SW DA LoopSunny, 31c
18/07/2010Cotic Soul8.77.850.4Slovenia: Koseč-Slap Krampež-Drežnica SingletrackSun came out eventually
19/07/2010Cotic Soul28.813.251.9Slovenia: Bovec-LepenaRide up Soča/Lepena valleys
20/07/2010Cotic Soul25.212.547.2Slovenia: Drežnica-Magozd-TrnovoLoop along Soča plus climb back up to Koseč/Drežnica
22/07/2010Cotic Soul54.016.755.6Slovenia: Maribor-Pohorje-RuseTook gondola up to Pohorje
23/07/2010Cotic Soul48.916.646.9Slovenia: Maribor-JareninaMostly road ride thru vineyards
20/08/2010Cotic Soul23.710.137.4England: Whinlatter ForestAltura blue and red trails
21/08/2010Cotic Soul14.86.731.7England: HelvellynUp to Sticks Pass, across to Helvellyn, then down Greenside Mine Rd
22/08/2010Cotic Soul31.111.044.9England: Grizedale ForestNorth Face red trail plus some black, purple and orange
Total =616.9 km