Cycling Ride Log 2008

DateBikeDistanceAv. Speed (km/h)Max Speed (km/h)RouteComments
26/10/2008Cotic16.7 km19.135.6SW DA Loop13C, Sunny/Cloudy
19/10/2008Cotic34.9 km17.538.0NE DA/SE DA Loop12C, Sunny
12/10/2008Cotic32.1 km17.937.9NE DA Loop10C, Mist
22/06/2008Cotic16.4 km19.936.4SW DA Loop29C, Sunny
15/06/2008Cotic30.9 km20.539.4NE DA Loop (shortened)14C, Started to rain on way back
08/06/2008Cotic19.8 km17.536.4Muehltal Loop24C, 2nd attempt after earlier thunderstorm
08/06/2008Cotic13.7 km18.935.2Half Muehltal Loop24C, Started to thunder and rain
25/05/2008Cotic16.8 km19.536.9SW DA LoopSunny, 23C, Lots and lots of insects.
12/05/2008Cotic38.5 km?37.75NE DA Loop24C, Sunny, Geocaching
30/03/2008Cotic31.2 km19.237.6NE DA LoopWarm, sunny, very breezy.
17/02/2008Cotic33.0 km14.136.3Burg FrankensteinGiving the Cotic Soul (and me) a proper workout, and snapped a few pic along the way (2hr20min)
10/02/2008Cotic19.9 km15.032.9Muehltal Loop1st proper ride of Cotic. Very unfit. Took it slowly.
03/02/2008Cotic10.5 km??????Waldfriedhof Loop1st Shakedown ride of Cotic Soul
Total =314.4 km