Cycling Ride Log 2006

DateBikeDistanceAv. Speed (km/h)Max Speed (km/h)RouteComments
03/12/2006MTB26.0km15.638.3SW DA, Geometriewald, SchnampelwegSuprisingly mild. Geocaching.
26/11/2006MTB18.2km16.337.9SW Darmstadt loopCool and autumnal. Geocaching.
05/11/2006MTB24.4km17.734.2Pfungstadt and ForestCold and bleak, about 8degC. Geocaching.
22/10/2006MTB22.7km15.445.2Modified SW DA loop, via Altebogenschneise and WaldfriedhofWarm and sunny. Checked out 2 geocaches.
15/10/2006MTB16.5km17.938.8SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), but with detour round [17][21] EberstadtSunny and cool, with Autumn starting.
30/07/2006MTB26.7km19.338.7N on [R8]Very warm and sunny.
29/07/2006MTB20.1km19.937.6Long SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), [22] Bollenfalltor, Trautheim, [R8] Eberstadt, [21][22][19][20]Hillier going via R8.
24/07/2006MTB16.3km1836SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), but with detour round [17][21] EberstadtHot but cooler and humid in the forest.
24/07/2006MTB17.3km19.537SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), but with detour round [17][21] EberstadtHot but cooler and humid in the forest.
23/07/2006MTB16.7km1835SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), but with detour round [17][21] EberstadtHot but cooler and humid in the forest.
06/06/2006MTB22.5km1636Home - [22] Eberstadt [15] - HomeWent to base of Frankenstein mountain. Very nice ride. Should ride to the top next time.
04/06/2006MTB22.5km1838SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise), but with detour round [19][18] WalfriedhofNice ride in sunny weather, but not too hot. Breezy, but not a problem. Still some creaking - possibly saddle or stem or frame?
28/05/2006MTB20km1735Home - DA Ost Bhf - [13][18] Kranichstein - [18][11] Grube Prinz von Hessen - [11][O] DA Ost Bhf. - HomeRecalibrated speedo to 2072. Back to MTB Pedals, and no longer creaking. Cleaned and refitted seatpost, and no longer creaking.
27/05/2006MTB9km16.338.1Home - DA Ost Bhf - [13][18] Towards Kranichstein - HomeHeavy Rain, so returned
14/05/2006MTB14km1936Home - Griesheim - Waldfriedhof - HomeWith roadbike pedals, no more click, this is very wierd! Problem must be in the way the Mountainbike pedals were mounted to the MTB?
14/05/2006RB7.5km1838.7Home - Griesheim - HomeDebugging mtb drivetrain click (new BB, swapped road/mountainbike pedals). MTB pedals on roadbike are perfect. About to do same trip in MTB with road pedals. sunny, headwind all way to Greisheim. 22degC.
13/05/2006MTB16km1835SW Darmstadt Loop (anticlockwise)Bottom Bracket replaced - much smoother, but something is still clicking although seemed not so bad. New tyres and tubes Michelin Country Trail F+B and Michelin C4 tubes. Not bad, but seemed to squirm a little on stones under power. much better on cinder track and roads.
07/05/2006MTB16km1740SW Darmstadt Loop (clockwise)Bottom Bracket getting worse
06/05/2006MTB13km1845Home - DA Ost Bhf - [13][18] Kranichstein - [O] DA Ost Bhf. - HomeBottom bracket is creaking a lot - bearing must be broken.
01/05/2006MTB17km1537Home - DA Ost Bhf - [13][18] Kranichstein - [11][O] DA Ost Bhf. - HomeFirst trip on new route near Kranichstein
30/04/2006RB9km1838Home - Griesheim - HomeTesting out new HG cassette, freehub etc.
Total =371.5km


[18] = Cycle Route 18
DA = Darmstadt
MTB = Mountain Bike
RB = Roadbike