06/May/2006 - Roundtrip NE of Darmstadt - about 13km total.


Download this GPX file, Cycling_GPS_Test1.gpx and then Drag/Drop into Google Earth. It is XML format, so you may need to Rt-Click and hit SaveAs. (NB I've removed the first and last track points, so you can't see where I live ;)

I'll try to grab some screenshots of Google Earth, if the copyright allows me to do so, but in the mean time you'll have to stick with Google Earth.

For best effect, turn Terrain OFF, and Roads ON (you'll need to check the box for Roads in Germany).

When finished, don't hit save... it will ask if you want to save the temporary places... say NO, and your Google Earth won't know anything about this any more.


The route was basically following bits of the Darmstadt routes R8, 18, 15, and 20. These have a mix of residential, town, and forest tracks, and a short 2km of meadow.

Points of Interest


Well the GPS took some minutes to get a lock, but then decided I went straight on, when I actually turned Left. Some seconds later, it agreed that I was right, and caught up with me.

There was a bit of deviation, and probably loss of lock on the cycle path by the icy lake (following the track to WP 002). I sat at crossing for a good 30 sec, but there's no more trackpoints until the station carpark, and even then it loks like I took a short cut, but actually had to follow the road around. (see zoom image)


Crossed the railway line, and double back again, but the GPS decided I went straight on into some trees, and then again decided I was right some seconds later!


Going N to WP 003, alongside railway line, everything is pretty good. Apart from a few minor glitches, this is a very good track. Until just before WP 003, where the GPS decided I went straight on into the woods, then L, then R, but in fact I went L then R into the woods at WP 003. After this it looks like I did a downhill slalom course, but as can be seen there is a very straight trail in the forest!


It obviously lost lock, because I followed the easily visible track to WP 004 and turned R. From there all the way back to the railway crossing, was a pretty good track. Just some deviation crept in near approaching WP 005.


No idea what happened there! Apparently I went ice skating on the icy lake! From there to WP 006 was not a bad track.


Around WP 006 it handled two underpasses quite well, but possibly because it got a good location before and after each one, and I sped through both quite quickly.

Stats etc.

My cycle computer told me the route was exactly 13km, took me 45mins, but I'll do it much faster next time now that I am familiar with the route. Average Speed = 17.75km/h, Max Speed = 45km/h.

GPS is Garmin eTrex Summit, with firmware v2.50.

I really must justify buying a Garmin 60CSx at somepoint. Not only are they more sensitive, but will take a 1gig memory card. I assume they can store tracks at user definable resolution?