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During the non-snowy season, when it is impossible to ski, I like to do cycling. I used to do a lot of road cycling, but now I tend to hit the forest trails on an MTB. The idea was to try to keep fit between annual ski-trips.

I have 2 bikes at the moment.

Mountain Bike #1:

I bought this when I lived in Bristol, but then moved to Holland. Why move to the flattest country in Europe when 2 favourite sports are mountain biking and skiing? Well it's a LOT better than living in UK!

Mountain Bike #2:

Purchased the frame in December 2007, and compnents in January 2008. Built the bike up during Jan2008, and 1st shakedown ride on 03/Feb/2008.

Some build pics are available.

Road Bike:

I bought this when I left school and moved to university. It still runs, although has been recently renovated.